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Utilities Management

Keeping utility expenses under control.

Electricity, natural gas, water and sewer, and purchased steam or chilled water are all part of a total energy package.  Team Facilities can help identify if you are over spending and where cost savings can be found.


  • Understanding your current cost per kilowatt hour is only a starting point to knowing where your costs can be cut.  Many times there are multiple rates available to commercial and industrial companies. 
  • Demand rates can cause significant increases in electric expenses.  There are many technologies available to provide for savings such as demand monitoring, power factor correction, total power monitoring, individual circuit tracking, and infrared scanning of electrical panels and disconnects.  
  • There may be alternatives to purchasing your electricity from the local utilities company.  During the summer months we monitor your cooling systems and work to optimize your cooling needs.  Team Facilities will help manage your electric usage to assure your business is using electric energy in the most cost effective manner.

Natural Gas

  • The price of natural gas has fluctuated significantly over the past few years.  There are many alternative energy companies looking to offer help in purchasing natural gas on the open market.  But is that the right decision for your business? 
  • Team Facilities Inc monitors your gas usage and determines where opportunities for savings can be found.  We track the weather and compare from year to year to determine if your heating systems are operating efficiently.  We study your business to see how to effectively set back heating during unoccupied hours.  Team Facilities will benchmark your natural gas utilization with other businesses to determine if your business has a competitive edge.

Water, sewer, and other utilities

  • Although most municipalities are responsible for your water and sewer rates, the amount of water usage can vary dramatically especially if the buildings have irrigation systems. Team Facilities tracks usage to assure there are no abnormalities. A small leak or dripping faucet can be very expensive if not repaired.
  • Other utilities such as steam or chilled water may be provided to your business from a local municipality. Like gas and electric, proper monitoring and tracking of costs is essential to assure your business is not over paying for the necessary utilities.

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Our systems and network allow us to service the entire state of Michigan, including but not limited to the metro areas of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Lansing.