Grounds Management

Managing Snow, Lawn, Landscape and Parking Lot Maintenance

Because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression...

The exterior of your buildings and facilities is the first thing your customers and business associates see.  Team Facilities works with you to manage all aspects of your building exteriors, keeping your grounds safe, clean, and professional.

Our contractors are focused on your needs and priorities. With Team Facilities working for you, you'll never have to spend time trying to find your contractor after a night of snow or to find out why the dandelions are taking over your lawn.

  • Parking Lots

    Parking lots that are maintained and kept clean indicate a professional appearance.  A newly sealed and striped lot will improve the overall appearance of your buildings and prolong the life of your parking lot.  Cleaning out your catch basins regularly will keep water from pooling in your parking lots.  Do you have the correct number of handicap parking spots?  Are your signs in line with the Michigan Barrier Free Act?  Keeping your signage maintained is necessary to assure you are in compliance with local city, county and state requirements.

  • Landscaping

    Landscaping is also a window into your business.  There are literally hundreds of landscaping companies that want your business.  But which one do you chose?    Lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers need to be maintained so that they accent your properties and not detract from the first impression you want to give your clients.  Landscaping requires contractors that spread fertilizers and weed killer to be licensed in Michigan.  All chemicals used must be documented and a Material Safety Data sheet is required to be available to your employees. 

  • Snow Removal

    Winters in Michigan can come with heavy snowfalls and ice storms.  How do you know whether a “per push” or an “annual contract” is better for your sites?  Does your snow removal company understand the importance of clearing your sites for both employee and customer safety?  How much salt is required?  Salt prices have increased substantially over the past two years in Michigan.  What are the alternatives to salting?  There are new products on the market that can be utilized to help keep the cost of de-icing to a reasonable level.  Team Facilities has experience to recommend the right contractor for your snow removal and salting requirements.

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Our systems and network allow us to service the entire state of Michigan, including but not limited to the metro areas of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Lansing.