About Us

Our Vision

Team Facilities Inc believes in helping people improve the success of their business and their lives which will in turn improve the world we live in.

Our Mission - Plan and Prevent, Don’t React and Disrupt

Team Facilities Inc is in business to remove facility issues, obstacles, and distractions to support the success and purpose of our customer organizations.

We work with businesses, schools, churches, credit unions, banks, and retailers throughout the state of Michigan.

Our focus is on preventing the disruptive and costly break-fix cycle that results in business interruption, higher costs and customer dissatisfaction.  We work closely with our clients to inventory their assets, assess their condition, make a maintenance plan and help them manage that plan so they can effectively maintain their second more expensive asset after employees…their facilities.

Our Values

  • Integrity – We are honest.
  • Respect – We hold your business and employees in high regard.
  • Trust – We are responsible.
  • Commitment – We are ACTION focused
  • Community – We give back.
  • Enjoyment – We love what we do and celebrate.
  • Experience (we know what to look for) + Leverage (with contractors and service companies) + High level financial oversight and planning = Cost Savings and Peace of Mind for You!

About the TEAM...

  • Tom Cook, Founder, President/CEO

    Tom Cook has over 45 years’ experience managing all areas of facilities operations for commercial, industrial, educational, and financial buildings and grounds.  He holds the following degrees; Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (BEE), Bachelor of Science in management (BS), and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

    Before starting Team Facilities Inc, Tom was a Facilities Engineer, Facilities Area Manager, and a Regional Facilities Manager for General Motors Corporation encompassing thirty five years.  He was responsible for managing GM facilities nationwide, including manufacturing plants, research laboratories, test facilities, preproduction operations, commercial office buildings, and warehousing.

    When we say TFI offers Fortune-500 caliber facilities management services, we mean it.  Tom has the experience and ethical standards you want on your team.  He personally reviews all contracts and works directly with your staff to provide top-notch support.

    Tom is a member of many organizations related to engineering and facilities support to keep current on new technology and processes associated with building and facilities management.  Check out the credentials/memberships below.

  • The Operations Team

    Vice President of Operations, Mary McMillan, works with our Facilities Coordinators (FC), our Facilities Account Managers (FAM), and our Facility Project Managers (FPM) to assure complete satisfaction of our services.  She is experienced in all areas of building operations and facilities management.

    Our Facility Coordinators (FC) are the front line of daily operations.  They field work requests directly from our computerized maintenance management system or by direct phone call and quickly assign requests to the required technician or supplier partner.  They also manage the monthly preventive maintenance work orders for all sites to assure the facility assets are being maintained to the manufacturer requirements.  This virtually eliminates surprise breakdowns or failures of equipment and helps to maintain the life cycle for each asset.  Each FC works directly for a client and with the FAM to maintain a high level of communication.

    The Facilities Account Manager (FAM) will field calls, work with the FC to dispatch appropriate resources, and follow up to ensure requests are handled with complete satisfaction.  Each client is assigned a FAM and they interact with client top management to stay current on changes and future plans for all buildings. The also visit each location regularly to meet with on-site management and discuss facility issues first hand.  The FAM provides a visual inspection to insure all routine and specialty work is being completed as specified by contract or request.

    Our Facility Project Managers (FPM) handle those client requests which require larger, more detailed support with multiple bids and are classified as projects.  Projects include major upgrades to building and facility assets typically when an asset life cycle is reached or has passed.  These jobs require a scope of work, creating a bid package, putting the bid out to multiple suppliers, choosing a supplier with client input, on-site project management, expense tracking and monitoring, and final closeout including punch list completion.

  • Our Maintenance Technicians

    Our Maintenance Technicians (MT) handle minor maintenance work requests and investigation of maintenance issues.  They are skilled in diagnostics and finding the root cause of a problem so as not to spend unnecessary funds in providing solutions and repairs.

    Typically, each client site will be visited by our MT on a regular basis or as needed to complete a work request.  The MT communicates back to the FC and FAM to get issues resolved quickly and efficiently for our clients.

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Credentials / Memberships

Service Area

Our systems and network allow us to service the entire state of Michigan, including but not limited to the metro areas of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Lansing.