About Team Facilities Inc.

Our Mission

Team Facilities provides professional facilities management and long term asset sustainment of building systems for competitive operations of our customer's facilities.

We manage your facilities so you can keep your focus on core business activities AND NOT the day to day details of managing your office/store/or branch facilities.

Value Summary

Our faciity management experience + our leverage with contractors and service companies + MBA level financial oversight and planning = Cost Savings and Peace of Mind for Your Company!

P.S. This service can pay for itself or significantly offset the cost of our services.

About the TEAM...

  • Tom Cook, President/CEO

    Tom Cook has spent the last 38 years managing all areas of facilities operations including commercial and industrial.

    He holds a B.E.E. in Electrical Engineering, a B.S. in Management and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

    He was a Facilities Engineer, Facilities Area Manager, and Regional Facilities Manager for General Motors Corporation for thirty-five years, responsible for managing GM facilities nationwide, including manufacturing plants, research laboratories, test facilities, pre-production operations, commercial office buildings, and warehousing.

    Tom has the experience and ethical standards you want on your team. He personally reviews all contracts and works directly with your staff to provide top-notch support.

    He is a member of the Association for Facilities Engineering and is a past national officer. He is also a member of the Detroit Chapter of the Building Owners Management Association (BOMA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and the Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD).

  • Operations Management

    Our Facilities Account Managers (FAM) field calls, dispatch resources, and follow up to ensure each request is handled with complete satisfaction. The FAM interacts with top management to stay current on changes and future plans for all buildings. They also visit each location monthly to meet with on-site management and discuss any facility issues first hand. The FAM provides a visual inspection to insure all routine and specialty work is being completed as specified by contract or request.

    Our Office Team Members provide the human touch when clients call with issues and concerns. They provide answers to facility questions and provide analysis for cost savings and overall facilities operations.

  • Maintenance Technicians

    Our Maintenance Technicians handle all site inspections and minor maintenance. They are skilled in diagnostics and finding the root cause of a problem so as not to spend unnecessary funds in providing solutions.

    Each technician visits a client site monthly or as needed to assure all systems are operating correctly. The Technician communicates regularly back to the Account Manager to get any issue resolved quickly and efficiently for our clients.