How We Do It

Full Life-Cycle Building Asset Management

An important part of your strategic and long term financial planning process should include a review of your building and facilities infrastructure. Identifying the annual preventive maintenance expenses and knowing when to replace facility assets before they fail is critical to long term asset sustainment and financial responsibility. Each facility asset has a life cycle of its own, and knowing when the item is nearing the end of its function is a key indicator for strategic financial planning.

Our 6-Step Process to Total Facility Management

Team Facilities Inc was founded 13 years ago to help organizations manage their facilities and provide long term strategic facilities planning. We utilize an innovative 6 step process that can be integrated into your existing facilities management program or customized to provide complete facilities support.

Step 1 - Identify

We come onsite to conduct an assessment of your facilities. During this visit we inventory and assess the condition of key assets such as roofs, windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, grounds, parking lots, etc...

Step 2 - Document

We document the state of your assets by entering them into our comprehensive Facilities Management computer system. This allows us to track activities and plan for maintenance and replacement.

Step 3 - Plan

We review all the data we collected using our years of experience to create a 10-year plan for your facility and/or branch locations. This plan includes monthly tasks and preventative maintenance inspections.

Step 4 - Execute

We generate recommended preventative maintenance tasks and provide support for you to execute these tasks...or you can hire us to do the work for you, operating as your outsourced facility manager.

Step 5 - Manage

We provide management oversight and technical support to help you complete all preventative maintenance (PM) and corrective maintenance (CM) work orders.

Step 6 - Plan Review

You get monthly reports on total PM/CM work orders created and completed so you can track performance to plan.

6-Steps to Facility Management Success

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Service Area

Our systems and network allow us to service the entire state of Michigan, including but not limited to the metro areas of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, and Lansing.