Why Choose Team Facilities?

Investment Return is What Sets Us Apart

If we can't make a difference to your bottom line, we don't engage.

Companies with large or multi-site facilities, who manage these via individuals at each location can achieve significant cost savings utilizing a service such as this.   Why?

  • Managing Your Facility is Our Top Priority

    The individuals at the your building(s) that are responsible for facilities management must also do their daily job. This means facilities management takes a back seat. For us, managing the day to day concerns of your facilities is our top priority.

  • Training & Experience

    The person doing this job often lacks the training and experience necessary to do anything other than handle issues on a reactive, break/fix basis - which is always more costly. We have the experience and the training to identify issues before they happen, saving you and your customers time, money and headaches.

  • Consolidation Yields Cost Savings

    Second, without central management of the entire facilities operations, companies are unable to realize the economies and cost benefits of central oversight, consolidation of vendor contracts, price leverage and central budgeting and planning.

  • Spot Developing Issues, Fix Proactively and Save Money

    Without access to a central facilities management computer system, they lack the visibility into daily work order requests. When you can monitor work requests as they happen, you can spot developing problems and address them before the equipment completely breaks down, saving $1,000s of dollars in the process.

    For example, repeat problems with lack of heat at a location can signal a problem as simple as not changing the unit filters. This can cause the heating coil/core to overheat and could cause the the furnace to completely break down, resulting in an expenditure of $1,000s of dollars to fix. An experienced facilities manager, well versed in the operation of your equipment and systems will be able to spot these issues and prevent these failures, saving money, lost productivity and time.

  • Maintain Your Equipment and Improve it's Life

    Lacking experience and a Work Order Tracking system, it's difficult, if not impossible, to plan and budget for maintenance and replacements. Having total visibility into what is going on at your facilities allows you to effectively estimate the life of high cost items like roads, roofs, heating and cooling systems, etc. so you can plan for their repair and eventual replacement. You won't get caught off guard by a major malfunction that results in $1,000s of unplanned expense. 

The Team Facilities Difference

  • WE MANAGE EVERYTHING... from janitorial services, maintenance of buildings and equipment, maintenance and repair of heating/cooling systems, maintenance of roads and grounds, installation and management of security systems, budgeting and planning for replacement, even ordering supplies… Now, who else does that?????
  • WE DO EVERYTHING... negotiate contracts, bring in the right contractors and service staff, get the work done, install systems that save you money, manage to your budgets and provide financial oversight and reporting,
  • WE'RE THERE WHEN YOU CALL . We're small enough to give you the attention you deserve – 24 x 7.  Our CEO keeps the phone by his bed at night – no joke. 
  • We use a MODERN COMPUTER SYSTEM to track all your equipment and every work order we handle for you. We provide monthly reports and give you visibility into what is going on with all your assets and work orders.  Our clients are surprised when they see how many calls we handle for them each month without them even knowing about it. Now that's service! Who else does that???
  • We're the only one we know of that provides  FORTUNE 500 FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SERVICES to small and mid-size businesses in Michigan.  Now you can reap the cost savings the big guys do with a service that can pay for itself, making it worth the investment for us manage your sites for you.
  • We are told by our clients and partners that many of the facilities maintenance companies they deal with charge premium rates and do just enough to get by. They don't work with premium contractors, they don't pay well, hence their service staff doesn't deliver the service you pay for. We've got references to prove the TOP-DRAWER SERVICE and ETHICAL STANDARDS we insist on for all of our valued clients. We're simply a cut above the rest when it comes to managing your facilities and we have REFERENCES TO PROVE IT.
To learn more about how we can help your company, feel free to contact us any time!