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Expert Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Keeping your facility clean is much more than dusting and vacuuming...

Team Facilities works with only the best cleaning companies. And because we work with several clients, we have negotiated rates with our service providers that allow us to pass the cost savings on to you.

These companies perform to our standards, which we monitor through regular inspections and by polling owner employees. Our goal is always to provide the best quality cleaning for the most competitive pricing.

Team Facilities can help you find the best cleaning services and put together a plan to help you manage them.

Routine Cleaning

  • Restrooms are the highest priority for cleaning. Surfaces must be sanitized to assure there is no transfer of bacteria. Floors must not only be clean but look clean so that employees feel comfortable using the facilities. Paper supplies must be stocked so there is never a situation where a dispenser is empty.
  • Lobbies and common areas are the showplace for each customer site. Your customers and guests get their first impression as they enter your buildings. Common areas need to be clean and bright giving customers, guests, and employees the feeling that they will be treated with a high level of quality and support.
  • Lunch rooms and kitchens are the break areas for your employees. They need to be clean and comfortable to give your most important asset a sense you really care about them.
  • Offices are our home away from home. We spend most of our working lives in our personal workspace whether it is an office or a cubicle. Employees expect the cleaning process to be thorough but non-evasive. Surfaces must be dusted, floors must be vacuumed or swept. Trash needs to be emptied.

Specialty Cleaning

  • Windows are the view into your buildings. They also allow staff a view to your exterior landscaping and weather. Window cleaning needs to be done on a regular schedule without being excessive. It can vary depending on the location of the building and its surroundings. Some need frequent cleaning while other locations need less. Our goal is to determine the most efficient cleaning schedule without overspending.
  • Carpets can be an expensive part of your overall building interior. Carpet mills are very specific on the type and frequency of cleaning. The more carpet is vacuumed, the less it will need deep cleaning by hot water extraction. Over cleaning can cause excessive wear thereby reducing the overall life of the carpet. We work with carpet cleaning companies who understand these concepts.
  • Hard floors such as tile or terrazzo need regular cleaning to keep the surfaces looking fresh without wearing down the surface. Dirty or stained tile grout can make an entire room look dismal. These areas must be maintained properly to assure a fresh and inviting interior.
  • Mats are normally a standard for entries and high traffic areas. Mats can be owned or rented through many local vendors. Our experience has shown that many customers are over spending by having mats changed too frequently. While winter months are normally the time when mats are needed, many times the change-out schedules continue right through summer months where fewer changes are needed. Our experience will help determine the right schedule for your sites and whether owning is an option over renting.
  • Walls, ceiling, and other deep cleaning is necessary periodically due to air movement in a facility. Frequency will depend on how well the routine cleaning is being accomplished. Building owners typically miss this area of specialty cleaning or tend to over clean. Through our experience and by working with our suppliers, we can determine the right schedules for your specific sites.

Materials and Supplies

  • Paper products and soaps are necessary items mainly for restrooms and kitchen areas. There is a wide variety of products and pricing. Team Facilities works with our clients to determine their requirements and then we contact our suppliers to provide the most cost effective product.
  • We then work to standardize products for clients with multiple sites to obtain the highest level of cost efficiency.
  • Our work order system tracks inventory over time to ultimately eliminate large inventories at the site. Many times we can obtain new dispensers at no cost due to our relationship with our suppliers. While most of the cleaning companies supply their own cleaning chemicals, we can provide this service where needed. Our cleaning partners provide all M.S.D.S information for their employees and for our clients and they are responsible for proper disposal of waste chemicals.

Trash removal

  • Proper management of trash dumpsters is important and can be costly if not handled properly. Team Facilities works with many trash haulers to assure your trash is removed at the correct frequency. Dumpsters should look clean and dumpster areas need to be clean and free of trash.
  • Recycling is encouraged at our client sites. Where possible, special containers can be obtained to allow for waste separation to keep our environment cleaner.
  • Document disposal is essential for all clients. Team Facilities can help with both onsite and offsite document destruction and if necessary, offsite storage of documents.
  • Hazardous waste removal may be necessary for certain clients. Team Facilities can arrange for the proper handling and removal by working with licensed providers. All local and state government requirements are followed to assure proper removal.

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