Facility Management Services for Churches

Maintaining Facilities is Important for Churches

Like every facility, churches need comprehensive care, consistent management and future planning. In a nutshell, every church needs facility management. Some churches have a specific individual who fulfills the facility manager (FM) role. While others rely on volunteers and the community to get the job done, which may not be optimal for proper maintenance of grounds and buildings.

The expert facility management services provided by Team Facilities can help churches operate effectively, reduce costs, and prevent failure.  Here are the benefits we offer:

A Preventative Approach to Building and System Maintenance

The biggest problems many churches encounter from a facility management standpoint often comes from the unexpected — a roof that collapses or suddenly leaks, an HVAC system stops working in the middle of winter, or a cracked sidewalk that needs to be replaced. These are things that both disrupt the function of the church and cost a lot of money to replace.

TFI will assess the state of your current systems and help you plan for maintenance and eventual replacement.

Improve Energy and Cost Efficiency

Many churches, especially those with older buildings, are not operating at very high energy efficiency levels. Proper maintenance and budgeting/planning for system replacement has proven to save money in the long run and prevent costly outages.

A good place to start is by having an energy audit to see if and where there are opportunities to reduce energy usage. We work with you to increase church energy efficiency including lighting, heating and cooling systems, and roofing materials.

Maintain Comfort and Safety for Members

Proper maintenance of grounds, sidewalks, parking lots, and janitorial duties ensures that all members of your congregation have a safe and healthy environment to gather. TFI has services to assist with any of these areas.

Systems, Experience and Contacts

With over 45 years experience in facilities management, TFI has flexible programs that can be customized to your needs.

We can help manage janitorial, building maintenance, utilities, roads/grounds, security, and HVAC systems.  Our services can also include call center, building assessments, identifying and tracking facility assets, preventive maintenance schedules, negotiating contracts, cost accounting, managing improvement projects, and general consulting.

We invite you to contact us today to discuss your situation and learn more about our services.

Bottom Line: We help you plan to prevent so you can control your budgets and avoid disruption. We will our clients achieve peace of mind as well as significant cost savings utilizing the facilities management services we offer.    

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