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Commerical Building Maintenance Services

Preventative Maintenance is the Key

Keep your high cost assets from failing unexpectedly and get the longest useful life from them.

Many building owners are not experienced in maintaining building systems and we frequently find them suffering from a "run to failure" scenario. Reactive, break/fix maintenance is costly and can put your buildings at risk for unexpected discomfort or even shut down.

We help you "plan to prevent".

Team Facilities reviews all equipment as to its current condition and works with you to create preventive maintenance schedules to keep equipment running efficiently and for its expected life cycle. Our goal is to have 92% of your building maintenance preventive with only 8% or less reactive.

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The areas of building maintenance we help you manage are:


  • Elevators for either people or freight need to be reliable and safe. Michigan has requirements that elevators be inspected and load tested. Documentation must be kept as to all maintenance completed on a specific elevator. Team Facilities works with licensed elevator companies to assure all proper maintenance is completed and documented to avoid any citations or unsafe conditions.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Comfortable work space is essential to maintain a high level of efficiency from your employees. Coupling that with running your hvac systems at the most energy efficient level requires a special balance. Team Facilities can help set your comfort levels to gain the most effective use of your energy dollars and still provide your employees and customers with a balanced environment.
  • HVAC building equipment is normally one of your largest investments. We have found that many building owners are not maintaining their investments with proper maintenance. "Run to failure" is not an uncommon method of operation. Team Facilities helps cure this problem by setting up preventive maintenance schedules to keep your most important building investment reliable in the coldest of winters and the hottest of summers.


  • Power is what keeps everything running. Electrical failures normally happen at the worst possible time. Team Facilities will monitor your building power distribution to assure electrical panels are not overloaded and are kept accessible. We also assure panels are wired as required by the National Electric Code to prevent potential fire hazards. We provide preventive maintenance schedules for all auxiliary power systems to verify the equipment is ready to run when needed.


  • Roofing. Building roofs that are not properly maintained will fail prematurely and can be very expensive to repair or replace. Team Facilities will have your building roofs inspected by qualified roofing companies to understand where potential failures may occur. Once all repairs are made, we will set up preventive maintenance schedules so that your roofs are checked regularly and maintained to assure they last as designed.
  • Flooring. Occasionally there can be issues with the structural integrity of your building floors. How much equipment can be put in an area without overloading the design load ratings? We work with qualified engineering firms to determine if floor loading is safe for your employees and equipment.
  • Fa├žade. The building exterior is what your customers and employees see every time they enter your facility. Team Facilities will work with you to maintain the appearance and structural integrity of your buildings.

Plumbing and Piping Systems

  • Restrooms, fire piping, irrigation systems, and other plumbing can cause major headaches and major damage if not maintained properly. We work with many quality plumbers to assure a quick response when restroom fixtures are "Out of Order." Team Facilities also helps with regular maintenance of your storm and sanitary drain systems to keep them flowing.

Fire and Life Safety Equipment

  • The National Fire Protection Association requires regular maintenance of all fire system and life safety equipment. Our job is to assure the regular maintenance and required documentation of your safety systems including fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire suppression systems, and other fire systems is completed by quality fire system specialists.

Building Maintenance

There are many additional services and maintenance issues that need periodic attention. Team Facilities will put together a plan to manage all of your miscellaneous building maintenance requirements including;

  • Interior Building Maintenance
    • Pest control
    • Furniture repair
    • Signage/Directories
    • Interior plant maintenance
    • Music systems
    • Painting
    • Carpet, floor repair, and ceiling repair
    • Door repair, keys and locks
  • Exterior Building Maintenance
    • Window replacement, sealing and caulking
    • Roof repair
    • Power washing
    • Repainting

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