How To Choose A Facility Management Company

Key Factors to Consider

As a facilities leader, you understand better than anyone that choosing the right facilities provider or facilities management company for your organization is a high-stakes proposition. While budget pressures will push cost reduction high on your list of requirements, you know you don’t want lower pricing to come at the expense of quality, reliability, and staying competitive.

You’re also aware that the expectations for facilities management have never been higher or more complex. A series of rapid-fire crises, from the pandemic to more frequent and severe weather events, have tested every facility team’s ability to adjust and respond rapidly to emergencies in recent years. Not to mention all the other demands that are placed on the facilities management teams :

  • Improving sustainability and energy performance
  • Dealing with labor shortages, especially for skilled technicians
  • Responding to changing customer and employee expectations
  • Playing catch-up on technology capabilities

10 Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Facilities Management Company

  1. Delivery model that delivers consistent service quality
  2. Industry experience - You want a partner who brings a solid track record managing facilities similar to yours.
  3. A commercial model that aligns with your required outcomes while delivering cost effectiveness and demonstrated savings opportunities. Ask for testimonials and case studies that detail how the facilities management company generated cost savings for their clients, for example through energy management and predictive maintenance technology enablement.
  4. Local coverage - This helps keep response times to a minimum and minimizes critical asset downtime.
  5. Strong execution on core facilities management functions. The company should have solid strategies, structure, systems, and processes for delivering on the three main tasks of facilities management; preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance with fast, effective service and asset management and capital planning.
  6. Innovative solutions leveraging technology enablement that deliver results aligned to critical requirements. To be effective in today’s environment, facilities teams need to utilize technology enablement effectively to deliver results aligned to critical requirements such as improved asset uptime and optimized operations.
  7. Engineering expertise and depth. Does the company have seasoned engineering leaders who can manage projects, from renovations and retrofits to new construction? Do they have a team of skilled technicians supported by clear processes, systems, and continuous training?
  8. Energy management and sustainability commitment. With rising energy prices and focus on sustainability initiatives, a forward-looking FM partner can help you develop and execute on an effective energy management plan to control costs and lower your environmental impact for the future.
  9. Disaster planning and emergency support. As the risks of extreme weather events increase across the country, be sure that your FM company is ready and committed to provide essential disaster preparedness and storm recovery services.
  10. Agility to respond to rapid change. Look for a partner who is flexible and able to adjust quickly to the changing needs of the market and your organization.

The approach Team Facilities takes with integrated facilities management is to work with our clients to develop a plan customized to their needs. We take a long-term view that focuses on creating the right balance between cost, time, and results. The result is a true partnership that fits the client’s needs not only for the present but for years to come.

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