Facilities Accounting and Financial Management

We keep track of all facilities expenses and use our experience and systems to find the cost anomalies.

Part of the Team Facilities contract with our clients provides for us to pay all invoices directly.  Our clients pay us a monthly facilities management retainer and we handle all payments to contractors and suppliers for you. 

When we pay an invoice for service, our account managers review the work completed and check with both the customer and the contractor to assure all work was completed as the invoice indicates.  This keeps contractors from over charging or charging for services not included in the original request. 

Team Facilities had established first pay relationships with a suite of top-notch suppliers and contractors. Since we service several clients, we can negotiate better pricing, which we pass on to you. Also, because we pay our suppliers quickly, everyone wants to work with us so we can pick and chose the BEST and they PRIORITIZE OUR WORK FIRST.

Team Facilities prepares an annual facilities budget for our clients.  This budget is based on historic spending of each client and utilizes experience to assure the proper annual spending for each site. 

We provide a monthly expense breakdown to document where all monies entrusted to us are being spent.  This is then compared to the monthly budget

We also provide quarterly budget updates to spot trends in spending and where savings can be identified. 

Your business gets a complete understanding of where the dollars are being spent for all facilities related expenses.

Team Facilities consistently saves our clients $1,000s of dollars, which in many cases can pay for our services.

Register online for a cost assessment to find out how much money we can save your company through our professional facilities management services, or simply Email Us.