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Effective Facility Management of Multiple Branch Locations

Banks and credit unions with branch facilities often rely on individuals at the branch locations to deal with facility issues on a break-fix basis. In addition to doing their day to day job, they have to deal with contractors for snow plowing, grass cutting, heating and cooling, janitorial, etc. This takes away from the productivity of the staff member and causes issues for customers and staff when something goes wrong.

Team Facilities works with banks and credit unions using our proven 6-step facility management process to help you plan and manage your branch locations and keep them worry free on a day to day basis.

Below is an example of how we helped a credit union in Michigan manage their multiple branch facilities.

  • A Michigan Credit Union Reaps Hefty Annual Savings by Outsourcing Facilities Management

    Situation: One Michigan financial institution was managing each of their three (3) branch facilities separately, delegating this responsibility to the individual Branch Manager or to an administrative employee. Each branch used their own contractors, their own suppliers and managed this chore on a break/fix, need to have basis. With the workload the managers had to deal with, there was no time for monthly analysis of work orders, cost oversight or budgeting and planning.

    After reviewing the numbers, the CEO asked Tom Cook of Team Facilities Inc. to review the numbers and see if there were areas where they could reduce the costs of managing their branch properties.

    Team Facilities completed a thorough COST ASSESSMENT and discovered that there were, in fact, many opportunities to save money for the credit union. In fact, we identified so much savings that the CEO decided to outsource the entire facilities management function to Team Facilities and still save money. This would free up the branch managers to focus on their core job of serving members.

    Results: The bank retained Team Facilities to manage all building equipment, janitorial, electrical, utilities, roads and grounds. The branches are now able to concentrate on their core business. They have now grown to seven (7) branch offices and they continue to use Team Facilities to manage all their office sites.

    Each year Team Facilities delivers significant cost savings. Fact: Team Facilities saves them 25% over the budgeted amount for repair and maintenance and 50% on budgeted security expenses.

    This is the power that Team Facilities can deliver to the bottom line of your organization.

    If you would like to learn more about the details of our work with Michigan Financial Institutions, contact us.

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